Monday, February 26, 2024

What is Endorsement in Power BI. What are the benefits of Endorsement ?

 In Power BI, "endorsement" refers to the process of marking a dataset, report, or dashboard as endorsed by a trusted authority within an organization. When a resource is endorsed, it means that it has been reviewed, approved, and recommended by designated experts or stakeholders. Endorsement helps users identify high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy content within the Power BI service.

Here's how endorsement works in Power BI and how you can benefit from it:

  1. Endorsement Levels: Power BI supports two levels of endorsement: "Certified" and "Promoted." These levels indicate different degrees of endorsement and trustworthiness.

    • Certified: A certified dataset, report, or dashboard has been reviewed and approved by a designated authority as being accurate, reliable, and compliant with organizational standards.

    • Promoted: A promoted dataset, report, or dashboard has been recommended by a trusted authority as being of high quality and relevance, but it may not have undergone the same level of review and certification as a certified resource.

  2. Identification of Trusted Content: Endorsed content is visually distinguished within the Power BI service by badges or icons that indicate its endorsement level. This helps users quickly identify and prioritize trusted and reliable resources when searching or browsing for content.

  3. Enhanced Visibility: Endorsed content is often given greater visibility and prominence within the Power BI service, making it more likely to be discovered and utilized by other users within the organization.

  4. Improved Decision-Making: By endorsing high-quality content, organizations can promote a culture of data trust and transparency, leading to more informed decision-making and better business outcomes.

  5. Faster Adoption: Users are more likely to adopt and use endorsed content because they have confidence in its accuracy, reliability, and relevance. This can accelerate the adoption of Power BI within the organization and increase user engagement with the platform.

  6. Governance and Compliance: Endorsement helps organizations enforce governance and compliance policies by ensuring that only approved and trusted content is made available to users. This helps mitigate the risk of using outdated, inaccurate, or non-compliant data in decision-making processes.

To benefit from endorsement in Power BI, organizations should establish clear criteria and processes for endorsing content, designate trusted authorities or subject matter experts responsible for reviewing and endorsing resources, and promote a culture of data quality and trust within the organization. By endorsing high-quality content, organizations can improve data-driven decision-making, increase user adoption of Power BI, and ensure compliance with governance policies.

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