Friday, February 23, 2024

How to create a premium workspace in Power BI

To create a Premium Workspace in Power BI, you need to have a Power BI Premium subscription. Premium Workspaces offer enhanced capabilities and features compared to the standard workspaces. Here's how you can create a Premium Workspace:

  1. Sign in to Power BI Service:

  2. Navigate to Workspaces:

    • On the left-hand side navigation pane, click on "Workspaces."
  3. Click on "Create a workspace":

    • At the top right corner, click on the "Create a workspace" button.
  4. Choose Workspace Type:

    • In the "Create a workspace" dialog box, select "Create a new workspace" and then choose the "Premium" option.
  5. Enter Workspace Details:

    • Provide a name and optional description for the Premium Workspace.
    • Select whether you want to use the new workspace as a Workspace v2 (the default option) or Workspace v1. Workspace v2 offers enhanced features and is recommended for most scenarios.
  6. Configure Workspace Settings:

    • Configure additional settings for the workspace, such as allowing members to install apps, share content with external users, and whether to enable contact list search.
  7. Add Members (Optional):

    • Optionally, you can add members to the workspace by entering their email addresses or selecting users/groups from your organization's directory.
  8. Create Workspace:

    • Click on the "Save" or "Create" button to create the Premium Workspace.

Once the Premium Workspace is created, you can start adding datasets, reports, dashboards, and dataflows to it. Premium Workspaces offer additional features such as larger storage capacity, higher dataset size limits, dedicated capacity for processing, and enhanced security and administration controls compared to the standard workspaces.

It's important to note that creating a Premium Workspace requires a Power BI Premium subscription, which is separate from the standard Power BI Pro subscription. If your organization does not have a Power BI Premium subscription, you won't be able to create Premium Workspaces. You'll need to contact your Power BI administrator or IT department to inquire about upgrading to Power BI Premium.

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