Monday, January 1, 2024

Power BI Reporting – New Development vs Enhancement

Develop from Scratch:



  • New Architecture will directly connect to data sources if in case report consumes pre-generated reports from same source systems. 

  • The new development will be done while keeping in mind that future enhancements can be made easily. 

  • New expressions/logic/calculation(s) will be written in such a way that there will not be any performance issue as data increases. 

  • Slicer(s) will be used instead of filters used in existing dashboard. Slicer(s) will provide smart interaction with visuals while filter(s) simply filters the data. 

  • Custom visual(s) can be added per business requirement. 

  • Role based Security can be added so that one group can see their own report One cannot see the data of another group. 


  • Need to design same visual(s) again in most of the case(s) 

  • Development efforts will be more 

  • Testing efforts will be more



 Enhancement in existing report: 



  • Less development work is required 

  • Less testing is required 

  • Business may comfortable with the existing view of dashboard 

  • If Current Dashboard looks so dense then need separate so enhancement cost will be there. 

  • Data transformation section will change if new integration is happening. 

  • Data Modelling section will change if new integration is happening. 

  • Need to change existing aggregation(s) / Calculations if there is a performance issue.