Tuesday, September 18, 2018

SSRS – How to give Name to sheet(s) while exporting report to excel

When we export the SSRS report to excel, SSRS export report with its default sheet name e.g Sheet1, Sheet2. Below is the example.
SSRS Report

When we export the same report into excel. It will export in Sheet1 by default.
Exported Excel Report

Steps to give Name to the Sheet(s)
      1)      Go to the property of the tablix by selecting the tablix & press F4 button
      2)      You can see the Page Name property, Give the name that you would to display for sheet(s) while exporting to excel

3)      Now Export the report. You can see the Name of the Page given by you.

This implementation is helpful when you export multiple sheet(s) report. It is helpful in identifying the correct report easily.

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