Friday, February 23, 2024

How to deploy Reports / Dashboards as Apps in Power BI

Deploying reports or dashboards as an app in Power BI allows you to package and share your Power BI content with a broader audience within your organization or externally. Here's how you can deploy reports or dashboards as an app in Power BI:

  1. Publish Reports/Dashboards:

    • Before you can deploy reports or dashboards as an app, you need to publish them to the Power BI Service. Open your report or dashboard in Power BI Desktop, then click on "Publish" in the top-right corner. Sign in to your Power BI account and select the workspace where you want to publish the report or dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Workspaces:

    • Go to the Power BI Service ( and navigate to the workspace where you published the report or dashboard.
  3. Click on "Apps":

    • In the left-hand side navigation pane, click on "Apps."
  4. Create New App:

    • Click on the "Create app" button to create a new app.
  5. Configure App Details:

    • In the "Create app" dialog box, provide a name and optional description for the app.
    • Select the content you want to include in the app. You can choose specific reports, dashboards, and datasets to include.
  6. Set Permissions:

    • Configure permissions for the app to determine who can access it. You can choose to share the app with specific individuals or groups within your organization or make it available to everyone in your organization.
  7. Set App Navigation (Optional):

    • Optionally, you can configure the app navigation to define how users interact with the content. You can specify which dashboard users see first and set navigation paths between dashboards and reports.
  8. Review and Publish:

    • Review the app details and permissions to ensure they are configured correctly. Once you're satisfied, click on the "Save and publish" button to publish the app.
  9. Access App:

    • Once the app is published, users can access it from the Apps section in Power BI. They can view the reports and dashboards included in the app and interact with the content based on the permissions you've set.
  10. Monitor App Usage:

    • As the app owner, you can monitor usage and engagement with the app using the usage metrics available in Power BI. This allows you to track how users are interacting with the app and make improvements as needed.

Deploying reports or dashboards as an app in Power BI makes it easy to share and distribute your Power BI content with stakeholders across your organization, enabling broader access to insights and analytics.

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