Monday, February 26, 2024

Types of Endorsement in Power BI and their significance

 In Power BI, there are two primary types of endorsement: Certified and Promoted. Each type serves a distinct purpose and carries specific significance within the Power BI ecosystem.

  1. Certified Endorsement:

    • Significance: Certified endorsement signifies that a dataset, report, or dashboard has undergone thorough validation, review, and approval by designated authorities within an organization. It indicates that the endorsed resource meets stringent quality standards, adheres to data governance policies, and is considered a trusted source of information.
    • Purpose: Certified endorsement is typically reserved for critical or official analytics content that is essential for decision-making, regulatory compliance, or strategic planning. It provides users with a high level of confidence in the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of the endorsed resource.
    • Visual Indicator: Certified resources are visually distinguished within the Power BI service by a "Certified" badge or label, making them easily identifiable to users.
  2. Promoted Endorsement:

    • Significance: Promoted endorsement indicates that a dataset, report, or dashboard has been recommended or endorsed by trusted stakeholders or subject matter experts within an organization. While not subjected to the same level of rigorous review as certified resources, promoted content is still deemed to be of high quality, relevance, and usefulness.
    • Purpose: Promoted endorsement helps highlight valuable analytics content that may not meet all the criteria for certification but is still worthy of recognition and attention. It allows organizations to showcase insights, best practices, or innovative solutions that can benefit users across the organization.
    • Visual Indicator: Promoted resources are visually distinguished within the Power BI service by a "Promoted" badge or label, signaling to users that the content has been recommended by trusted authorities.

Significance of Endorsement Types:

  • Trust and Confidence: Endorsement, whether certified or promoted, enhances user trust and confidence in analytics content by signaling its quality, reliability, and relevance.
  • Decision-Making: Endorsed resources serve as trusted sources of information for decision-making, enabling users to make informed choices and drive business outcomes.
  • Data Governance: Endorsement supports data governance initiatives by ensuring that approved, trusted, and compliant content is prominently featured and accessible to users.
  • User Adoption: Endorsed resources are more likely to be adopted and utilized by users due to their perceived quality and credibility, leading to increased user engagement and satisfaction with the Power BI platform.

By leveraging certified and promoted endorsement in Power BI, organizations can promote a culture of data trust, transparency, and excellence, ultimately driving better decision-making and business success.

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