Wednesday, February 21, 2024

What are the disadvanatges if we do not deploy report as App in Power BI

Deploying reports as apps in Power BI offers several advantages, such as streamlined distribution, centralized management, and enhanced user experience. However, there are also some disadvantages if you choose not to deploy reports as apps:

1. Limited Distribution Options: Without deploying reports as apps, you have limited options for distributing them to users. You may need to share individual report URLs or files manually, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially for large user groups or frequent updates.

2. Difficulty in Version Control: Managing versions of reports becomes more challenging without the centralized version control provided by deploying reports as apps. Users may end up accessing outdated versions of reports if they rely on shared URLs or files.

3. Lack of Custom Branding: Apps allow you to customize the branding, such as logos, colors, and descriptions, providing a consistent and branded experience for users. Without deploying reports as apps, you miss out on this branding opportunity, which can impact user engagement and recognition.

4. Limited Security and Governance: Deploying reports as apps enables you to apply security and governance settings at the app level, such as controlling access, permissions, and data security policies. Without apps, you may have to manage security and governance settings at the individual report or dataset level, leading to increased complexity and potential security risks.

5. Reduced User Adoption: Apps provide a user-friendly experience by presenting related reports and dashboards together in a single interface. Without deploying reports as apps, users may find it more difficult to discover and access relevant content, leading to reduced user adoption and utilization of Power BI.

6. Inconsistent User Experience: Deploying reports as apps allows you to create curated experiences by grouping related content together and controlling the navigation flow. Without apps, users may encounter inconsistent user experiences, especially if they access reports from different sources or URLs.

7. Difficulties in Monitoring and Management: Apps offer centralized monitoring and management capabilities, such as usage metrics, access logs, and app lifecycle management. Without deploying reports as apps, it becomes more challenging to monitor usage, track access, and manage app lifecycles effectively.

While you can still share and distribute reports without deploying them as apps, leveraging the app deployment feature in Power BI provides numerous benefits in terms of distribution, management, security, branding, and user experience. Therefore, it's generally recommended to deploy reports as apps, especially for organizations with complex reporting requirements and large user bases.

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