Saturday, July 8, 2023

SSRS File Share Subscription Issue - An impersonation error occurred using the security context of the current user

When we setup SSRS File Share subscription to some shared location or local system then sometimes impersonation error occurred.

We need to check the following things to resolve the issue:
1. Go to Report Manager URL then your data source that you are using to generate the report. Check what credentail is using there.
2. If credentail stored is Windows credential then confirm that whether same account is having access to shared folder or not.
3. Normally Subscriptions handle by SQL Server Agent Services. Check SQL Server Agent Service is running by which account. Check whether SQL Agent account is having access to that shared folder or not.
4. If your server and local host is in same domain and you can access shared folders between localhost and servers then you can create shared folder in any of them.

Based on above points, we can resolved impersonation issue with SSRS File Share Subscription.

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