Friday, July 14, 2023

High Level Architecture of Web & Database Server with Load Balancing & High Availability

1) Web application would be hosted on 2 web servers -Web Server 1 and Web Server 2.
2) Both the web server(s) would be configured with load balancing to distribute the load as well as fault tolerance in case of any server failure.
3) Database would be configured with SQL server high availability Always-On feature.
4) There would be 2 instance of database - Primary & Secondary as part of HA Always-On feature.
5) It would keep database active on primary node with Web Server(s).
6) In case of database failure, database would be available from secondary node.
7) Once the primary is up, database would be switched back to Primary node.
8) If any web server fails, a load balancer immediately redirects its workloads to a backup server, thus mitigating the effect on end users.
9) Load Balancer also maximize network capacity and ensuring high performance to end user(s).


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