Tuesday, July 18, 2023

SSRS Issue - Column not showing in a Tablix

1) Added a column in Tablix
2) Added an expression into Column
3) But when we preview the report, the column doesn't show in the report.

Following are my suggestions:
1) First, check whether data for required column is coming or not in the dataset/report.
2) First, check the visibility setting for this column.
3) If there is any expression then just set the visibility property to show & check if you are able to see the column.
4) If there is any group for this column then check the visibility property of the group in the grouping pane.
5) For testing purpose, set the visibility property of this group to show.
6) If matrix report then check column-grouping visibility also.
7) Check if column is visible after deployment even it is not showing in SSDT.
8) After Preview, Click on Refresh button so that data will be updated in the report.
9) Recreate the tablix to reproduce the issue.
10) Add new column and see wether you are able to see the column or not.
11) Change the tool for testing purpose e.g. if you have developed report in SSDT then try in Report Builder & Vice Versa.

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