Saturday, July 15, 2023

SSRS Reporting - How to add a Reference Line in Line Chart

Sometimes, requirement comes to add a reference line in the line chart which will act as benchmark to measure the progress. Here is a workaround to show a reference line in the Line Chart in SSRS. Below is the sample report:

1) Create a Parameter named "BenchmarkValue" and provide some available values based on business requirement.

2) Add this newly created  "BenchmarkValue" parameter in the Value section of the chart
3) Once we added the  "BenchmarkValue" in the chart, Chart will display multiple lines for this measure.

4) Change the formatting of Reference Line so that we can easily differentiate  Reference line and data line.
5) Go to the Series property of  "BenchmarkValue" then Legend then check the box -- "Do not show this series in a legend".

6) Now run the report.

7) select another value for  "BenchmarkValue" and view the report..

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