Saturday, July 8, 2023

SSRS - How to resolve formatting issue(s) in reports after deployment.

After deploying the SSRS reports on Report Server, sometimes, Report formatting is not as expected. Following formatting issue(s) could occur after deployment:

1) Size of column may be increased or decreased
2) Font size may be changed
3) Text alighment can be changed
4) Spacing between visuals
5) Pagination etc

Following are the suggestion(s) that may help to resolve the formatting issue:

1) Use Can Grow/Can shrink property for text boxes. Set Can grow & Can shrink as False for textboxes
2) Give the proper text box size where the value can be display without affecting other cells
3) For Top aligh columns, increasing the height of textbox may resolve the issue.
4) Use upload for deployment in place of deploying report from SSDT
5) Remove the empty space between your report item e.g Tablix,Chart and Footer
6) Use minimal merge of columns
7) limit the data in the report
8) Use filter(s) at report item level if any specific report item giving formatting issue due to large data.
9) Set Pagination per your requirement
10) Set the print page setup per your requirement

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