Monday, July 3, 2023

Suggestions for Digital Data Protection & Safety

1) Integration of Social Media with UIDAI: Facebook/instagram/twitter etc platform should be integrated with UIDAI so that their account can be linked to aadhar. The advantage is user do not fill all the personal details in these social platform. User has to enter the aadhar no only then all the information will be verify by aadhar sub systems. In this way, we can save data stealing outside our country.

2) UPI Apps: UPI apps should not display name & contact information of the user(s) during transaction. In place of name, some numeric id no. can be used by which no one can trace user & his/her personnel details. Transactions by giving mobile number will be harmful especially in case of womens. UPI apps integration with UIDAI aadhar sub system will also enhance the great privacy.

3) Caller Identification Apps: Caller Identification apps need to limit the user information e.g. Only First Name, initial of Last name & state is fine to display user's information.

4) Peer to Peer Call Recording: There is still no proper mechanism to stop unnecessary call recording during peer to peer call. ISP/Telecom service provider should ensure that a user will get notification if other end user wants to do call recording. Call recording should be done by permission of user who is at other end in the call. Call recording without anyone's permission is against the privacy.
5) Video Call: While attempting a video call, a statuary warning should come especially if video call from unknown number or unknown user. For video recoding also, It should be done by permission of user who is going to attend the call.

6) Banking: Mostly Banking Relationship Manager knows how much amount we have in our bank account. Such information should be handled more securely.

7) Telemarketing: There should be multiple check on tele marketing companies on how they are getting contact information of multiple people in huge number.

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