Tuesday, July 18, 2023

SSIS - Performance issue with SQL Sever Agent Job exeuting SSIS packages

Following are the suggestions:

1) If your SSIS server is shared instance then there could be possibility that your IO/memory utilization of SSIS Instance is very high & could be reason of taking longer time to load the data.
2) You can check the schedule of other jobs and try to run your package(s) in idle time to more analysis so that parallel processing / Locking/ Blocking process can be avoided.
3) Is SSIS server & DB server are two different physical server then there could be issue with network bandwidth.
4) Check how much volumne of data is processing. Dont process unnecessary data.
5) Limit the data for processing e.g. Year wise process the data.
6) Check if same performance issue with SSIS when executing from SSIS Repository or SSIS solution.
7)  Avoid SSIS execution log if applicable.
8) Check whether you are using correct SSIS task  to achieve the result.
9) Check whether you have indexes on the table or not.
10) Use incremental load, in place of full load. 

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