Tuesday, July 25, 2023

SSRS - How to Create Combo Chart in SSRS

What is Combo Chart?
A combo chart is a type of chart which is made up of more than one type of chart. A Combo Chart can be a combination
1) 2 Column Charts
2) 2 Line Charts, 
3) 1 Column Chart & 1 Line Chart Together

What is the advantages of Combo Chart?
1) It shows relationship between multiple data attributes in the chart e.g Total Sales & respective profit
2) We can display multiple measures with different scales
3) It provides more analytical information compare to single chart.

Below is the sample Column Chart report which Year wise sales information 

We would like to show the profit information (Line of Profit) also with respect to Total Sales. This can be achieve by creating a Combo Chart.

Following are the steps to create a Combo Chart in SSRS:
1. Go to the Existing Column Chart and add additional measure e.g. Profit

2) Change the chart type as Line Chart for the new measure Profit. 

3) Change the formatting of line Series like color, width, marker etc per business requirement.
4) Also change chart title if required
5 Now preview the report

Conclusion: We can see Combo chart is not only showing total sales per year but also showing respective year profit too.

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