Tuesday, July 18, 2023

SSAS Error - KEY NOT FOUND while processing the Cube

1) The KeyNotFound property on the dimension ErrorConfiguration is for snowflake schema.
2) For example, you have employee table which contains empid & department id. Suppose if employee table contains departmentid 8 which does not avialable in department dimension.
3) This situation will generate KeyNotFound event when we process the dimension.
4) When we set KeyNotFound = IgnoreError, Analysis Service will ignore this event.
5) The default is ReportAndContinue which means that we can see the error on the Process window.
6) This error can occur during partition processing, or dimension processing of snowflaked dimensions.
7) ReportAndContinue logs and counts the error
8) It process continues as long as the error count is under the maximum limit.

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