Wednesday, July 19, 2023

SSRS Performance Issue - Large SSRS report causing restart of server

Following things can be checked to resolve the issue:
1) Run the report query in SSMS and see whether it is causing restart or not.
2) Also check whether report query in SSMS is giving output or not.
3) Run the report query for top 50 records and check if SSMS is giving output or not.
4) Check it report query is terminating after some time or keep executing till restart.
5) Check the system logs of the server where we can identify apart from SSRS, is it anything else causing restart of server.
6) Check the Reporting Services log file to see the detail error message.
7) Check ReportServer ExecutionLog to see which part of the report takes more time.
8) Check the ExecutionLogStorage table and let see what is max time report takes to execute if any successful executuion is there.
9) Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.SSRSBI\Reporting Services\LogFiles to check Report Server log  you will get the detail information about the reason causing the restart if problem with SSRS. 
10) Check CPU and Memory utilization while running the report.
11) Execute the report from repor builder /SSDT & from Report Manager and see if any difference in performance.
12) Have you experinced anytime, "Not Responding message" for report in the Task bar.
13) Check the RAM size of the machine and increase if possible.
14) Check the Network Bandwidth between Report Server & Database Server.
15) Check Auto File Growth for ReportServerTemp DB in database property and allow file Growth
16) Change the dataset query and run the report for top 50/100 records and see whether you are getting any restart issue.
17) Run these reports in multiple machine(s) and check that whether all machine(s) are getting restarted.

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