Wednesday, June 28, 2023

SSAS Measure Group wise Query performance Report

While monitoring the performance of SSAS Cube, we can drill down the performance monitoring at Measure group levels. Cube contains multiple Measure Group (s). Performance monitoring at Measure group levels can provide which particular measure group and it’s queries degrading the performance of Cube. The advantage of this report is we can target a particular measure group to fix the performance issue in place of trouble shooting enitre cube.


 Business Logic

• This report shows total aggregations available at Measure Group level for the Cube(s)

• This report helps the users to understand how aggregation has been designed in the cube. If some of the measure group(s) shows larger no. of aggregations then users can check for any unwanted aggregations.

• Bases on this report, System will generate Advisory Report for Design Aggregation.

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