Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Features of Modern days Performance Monitoring Tool

1. This tool can be a web based tool so that it is easy to access the tool.

2. It can have windows security integrated with active directory for better security else basic authentication is also fine (if applicable).

3. It can be integrated with SharePoint.

4. It should provide a choice to select your performance data.

5. It should maintain the historical performance data that can be utilize for comparing the current performance data.

6. Email notification or SMS Alert should be there if there is severe performance degradation.

7. Data alert to users based on criteria set by user.

8. Report subscription for email/file share

9. Performance data schedule mechanism.

10. Highly interactive data visualization reports 

Summary and detail Performance reports

Performance Data Point Dashboard Reports 

Performance Advisory report so that preventive maintenance can be taken before some breakdown.

11. It should covers all the performance data points of your system.

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