Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Benefits of SSAS Performance Monitoring and Reporting

 By consolidating SSAS performance data, we can build variety of performance monitoring reports that will help us in taking right decision in right time in terms of application performance degradation, system breakdown, need of hardware/IO resources etc. Below is list of some of the reports that will provide key performance indicators/ information to improve the performance.

Activity Reports

o Detail Activity Report for Multidimensional as well as Tabular Model 

o Long Running Query Report for MDX and DAX

o CPU/Memory/IO/Disk utilization Report

Performance Reports

o Calculated member wise Performance Report

o Measure Group wise Performance Report 

o Measure Group wise Aggregation Report 

o User Logging Report 

o ROLAP Query Performance Report

Cube Processing Report

o Measure Group wise Processing Report

o Storage Mode Disk Usage Report

Advisory Reports

o Advisory Report for Measure Group Partitioning

o Advisory Report for Design Aggregation

o Advisory Report for Design Hierarchy

o Advisory Report for Attribute Relationship

o Advisory Report for Storage Mode


o System Performance Dashboard

o SQL Serve Analysis Services Dashboard

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