Friday, June 30, 2023

Directive of Digital Waste Management

 1) Now it a time to change the word “Online” to “OnTime” platform which means in place of unnecessary online system, we can fix the time to make it online.

2) We need to make understand to People that there is a mutual understanding between nature and cyber world

3) Social media platform should not be 24*7 online. We need to fix some time to get relax from this. It is like a meditation where we left everything for some time and again back with great energy.

4) Social media should put statutory message that using unnecessary social media causes global warming

5) Chatting apps like WhatsApp telegram should have statutory warning like sending unnecessary message causes great electronic waste.

6) Its a time to adopt “Ontime” platform in place of “Online” platform

7) Chatting app company should strongly recommend using text data instead of images & video. Because Images & Videos has made a new ocean in our planet which worldwide cyberocean.

8) Due to technology advancement, high performance & energy efficient hardware are available but still there is a need to review whether 24*7 online is required or not.

9) Its a time to leave the word “Online” in cyberspace. In place of online, we need “Ontime” platform which will be available for a specific time where people can avail the services. It should goes offline when no one is going to use.

10) Those portals which required 24*7 Ontime can be avoided

11) Still many websites can also go offline during late light hours for few hours.

12) Digital Sanity should be included into Swachh Bharat mission of Govt of India.

14) It has been realized that people of India loved this mission and has taken part into this mission with great excitement.

15) If we give the message of electronic waste management through Swachh Bharat mission, people of India will definitely take it seriously. Similar message will go to the other countries for improve the e waste management.

16) If company don’t allow the free storage to the users then then user will automatically start clearing the unnecessary data

17) There should be a limitation to send a mail to limited no of recipients.

18) There should be a limitation for personnel ids for sending limited no of emails per day

19) There should be policy to distribution list to have time to time review so that unnecessary mails should not distribute

20) Unnecessary notification should be avoided.

21) For Announcements, company should use portal instead of sending mails to all the employees

22) There should be limitation for daily attachment size quota

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