Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Onboarding Process Document for Software / IT Projects

1. Background
The objective of this document to provide a detailed information about Onboarding process for an IT/Software project. It will include client communication, HR policies, Information Security policies, Setting up of environment, access to envrionment and compliance training(s).

2. Sending Team information to client
Once the team / team member is identified for the project then following personal information about the team member need to share to client so that client will know the project team. It is also useful when Account /Email id creation process is required to work on client's environment.

1. Full Name include middle name if any e.g. Vijaya Lakshmi Nair
2. Date of Birth
3. Employee ID
4. Email ID
5. Designation
6. Office Address/City

3. HR, Information Security Policies and Acknowledgement
Company HR will reach out to each team member via email to share information about their HR, Infrastructure & Information Security policies, confidential information protection law and emergency evacuation. (if applicable)
Project team has to physically sign some of the document(s) and acknowledge to HR Team.

1. Emergency Evacuation form
2. Safeguard of information Policy acknowledgement
3. Notice of obligation to protect Client confidential information

4. Setting up of Environment
Which may include VMWare or cloud Workspace Setup document per guidelines by Client Team.

1. Setting up of Mobile Authenticator (if applicable)
2. Client's Compliance Training
Mention the List of compliance trainings and steps to complete the trainings

5. Helpdesk
For any IT/Infrastructure/Access related issue, Team can reach out to Helpdesk team by following(s):

1. Call to Toll Free no:
2. Raise a Ticket at helpdesk url

6. Access to Environment
Client Team will provide the required access per project requirement. Prepare access matrix which may include team(or role) wise access.

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