Friday, September 21, 2018

SSRS – How to implement hovering of data in the report (Mouse Hover Action)

Sometimes, we need to display length text in the report for supporting other attributes e.g.
Column 1 is Attribute Name
Column 2 is the attribute definition of column 1
If this text is just for supporting other attributes in report & not required in any of the exported report then we can utilize the mouse hovering feature of SSRS to show this data, in this way, we can have more space and can show more information in the report. This implementation is useful in dashboard/scorecard reports also where we need to display the summary only.  Below is the sample report where we can see text is taking more space and can be used as hovering data in the report

Steps to implement mouse hovering in the report.

      1)      Right click on the text box where we need implement mouse hover
      2)      Go to text box properties

      3)      Go to Tool tip & map the description column or we can write SSRS expression to map the column

      4)      Now run the report and see the result

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