Tuesday, September 4, 2018

SSRS – How to Change the sequence of the input parameter(s) in SSRS

1.     Description
While creating the reports, it is important to put the input parameter(s) in the sequential order based on the business requirement(s). If any change request comes to change the sequence of the input parameter(s) in SSRS report, then it can be changed easily.
Sample Report with Input parameter(s):
In the below Report, sequence of parameter is MonthèQuarterèWeekè Year

If the business requirement is to have Year first as parameter then we can change it using Report designer or Report Builder
2.     Steps to change the sequence of the parameter(s):
a.       Go to the Report designer or Report builder
b.       Go to the report data region by pressing CTRL + ALT + D
c.       Go to the Parameter section
d.       Select the parameter for which you want to change the sequence e.g. Year
e.       Click on the Move Up Or Move Down button to set the required sequence
f.        In the below example, Year parameter is at Last in the sequence so select the Year parameter & click on Move Up till It will reach to top

g.       Now Year should display at Top in the Parameter list
Also put Quarter at second position

h.       Now Preview the Report
We should be able to see Year parameter at first position then Quarter

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