Sunday, September 1, 2013

SSRS - How to sort the data at Tablix or Report level

1.     Background

The purpose of this article is to describe a way of sorting report data at tablix level. We are going to use Tablix’s sorting property to sort report data by multiple fields.

2.     Step by Step procedure to sorting the data using tablix property:

·         Below is the sample report in which we will add filters to limit the data:
·         To sort the report data at tablix level, right click on the tablix and go to properties:
·         Go to Sorting and click on “Add” to add the fields by which we need to do sorting. Here we are going to sort data by FiscalYear (Descending Order) and SalesRegion (Ascending order)
·         Now run the report
Here we can see that report is showing data that is sorted by Fiscal Year (Descending order) and Sales Region (Ascending order).

3.     Conclusion
By using the above steps, we can sort the data at tablix level or report level in SSRS.

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