Sunday, September 1, 2013

SSRS - How to filter report data at tablix level

1.     Background

The purpose of this article is to describe a way of filtering report data at tablix level. We are going to use Tablix’s filter property to add multiple filters to limit the report’s data.
Note- It is recommanded that filter at database level will give good performance as compare to filters at SSRS level.

2.     Step by Step procedure to filter the data using tablix property:

·         Below is the sample report in which we will add filters to limit the data:
·         To add the filter at tablix level, right click on the tablix and go to properties:
·         Go to filters and click on “Add” to add the filter. Here we are going to add filter for FiscalYear as 2010.
·         Now run the report
Here we can see that report is showing data only for fiscal year2010.

·         We can add multiple filters also. Now going to add one more filter for Sales Region:
·         Now we can see the filter report for FiscalYear – 2010 and Sales Region- India, USA, UK

3.     Conclusion
By using the above steps, we can filter the report data at tablix level or report level

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