Friday, March 1, 2024

Limitations in Power BI dataset

Power BI datasets have several limitations that users should be aware of when designing and working with their data models. Here are some of the key limitations:

  1. Maximum Size: The size of a dataset in Power BI is limited, depending on the licensing model you're using:
    • For Power BI Pro users, the maximum size is typically 1 GB per dataset.
    • With Power BI Premium, the maximum size can range from 10 GB to 400 GB per dataset, depending on the Premium capacity SKU.
  2. Data Refresh: Power BI has limitations on data refresh frequency and duration, especially for Power BI Pro users. Users are limited in the number of times they can refresh data per day, and the duration of each refresh is also capped.
  3. Data Volume: While Power BI can handle large volumes of data, extremely large datasets can impact performance. It's essential to optimize your data model and consider partitioning strategies for better performance.
  4. DirectQuery and Live Connections: When using DirectQuery or live connections to data sources, there are limitations on the complexity of queries and the size of the dataset that can be efficiently queried.
  5. Data Types and Relationships: Power BI has limitations on the number of rows and columns in a dataset, as well as the number of relationships between tables. Understanding these limitations is crucial when designing your data model.
  6. Data Sources: While Power BI supports a wide range of data sources, some data sources may have limitations or restrictions on connectivity and data retrieval.
  7. Row-level Security: Power BI has limitations on the number of row-level security (RLS) rules that can be applied to a dataset. Users should be mindful of these limitations when implementing RLS in their reports.
  8. Performance: Large datasets and complex data models can impact query performance and report rendering times. Users should optimize their data models and reports to ensure optimal performance.

It's important to review the latest documentation from Microsoft and consider the specific requirements of your project when working with Power BI datasets. Regular monitoring and optimization of your datasets can help mitigate potential limitations and ensure a smooth user experience.


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