Wednesday, August 8, 2018

SSRS – How to use Sub Report from Chart report

     1)    Main Report
Here is the main report which is showing the State/UT wise Census report for top 5 most populous states in India

    2)    Sub Report
Here, we will create the sub report which will show state wise Census Report based on the State/UT value passed on the input parameter. Below is the layout of State wise Census Report showing “State” as input parameter

    3)    Steps to implement re-directing from Main to Sub report
a.       Go to the Main report which is Bar chart report è Series Properties
b.       Right click on the bar in Chart report

c.      Go to the Action tab and Select “Go to Report”

d.     Select the report which we would like to display as Sub Report
e.       Add the parameter which will run the report by clicking on Add button
f.        Set the parameter value from downtown & click ok

    4)    Preview the report
a.       Run the Main Report

b.       Click on any bar say “Karnataka” to see the detailed information. It will show Sub report for Karnataka.

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