Monday, August 5, 2013

SSRS Questions

1)      How to implement Stepped-down group in Report?
2)      How to use Gauge in the column of the Report to indicate the measure value?
3)      How to show the column headers in each page of the Report?
4)      How to freeze the column headers while scrolling the Report. It should work on the exported excel also.
5)      How to create a Report through OLAP Cube?
6)      Differentiate a Table or Matrix with TABLIX with an example.
7)      What  do you mean by On Demand Processing? How to explicitly disable it?
8)      Why we use Unattended execution Account? what will happen if we do not give any unattended execution account?
9)      How to configure the Reporting service?
10)   How ReportServerTempDB works?
11)   What are the new features in SSRS  2008 R2?
12)   How to create the Sub-Report?
13)   What is Subscription? What are the different types of Subscriptions? Implement any one.
14)   Can we use the Bar chart and Line Chart in a single Chart? If Yes, implement it.
15)   If dataset doesn’t return any records then how to display the message in the report?
16)   How to implement Page Break in the Report?
17)   Differentiate Drilldown and Drill through. Give an example.
18)   How to implement conditional visibility(Toggling)?
19)   How to pass main report parameters to sub report as an input parameters ?
20)   How to use image in the columns?
21)   What are the different authentication mode for connecting a DataSource in the Report Manager page?
22)   How to enable Caching?
23)   What are the new data sources in SSRS 2008 that are not in SSRS  2005? (Teradata)
24)   What are advantages of shared data source ?
25)   What are the different types of data region in the SSRS 2008? Name the new data regions that introduced in SSRS 2008?
26)   Difference between Logical Page an Physical Page in SSRS?
27)    Describe the role of Encryption key in Report Server Configuration manager?
28)   What are the different roles provided by Reporting services?
29)   How can you add a new report User to report manager.
30)   What are the different options for deploying a report?
31)   Why we use InScope function ?
32)   How to show a Datetime field in “MM-DD-YYYY” format by using SSRS expression?
33)   How to use variable in the Report?
34)   How to migrate a SSRS 2005 rdl to SSRS 2008 or later version?
35)   Can a user or group belong to more than one item-level or system-level role?
36)   If email subscription failed then what steps  need to taken to resolve it?
37)   Name some SSRS command in line utilities.
38)   What is Interactive Sort?
39)   If your report gives “Out of memory exception” error then what steps need to be taken to resolve this issue?
40)   How to sort column in descending order at first click on SSRS 2008 report while using Interactive sort?
41)   What is IsArray function?
42)   Differentiate CHOOSE, IIF and SWITCH function?
43)   What is the importance of the Series and Category Group in the Chart region?
44)   How SSRS 2008 works independent of IIS for hosting the virtual directory?
45)   How to disable hyperlinks before exporting to excel in SSRS 2008 R2. This issue cannot be resolved in SSSRS 2008.

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