Thursday, March 25, 2021

Power BI - Row Level Security(RLS) Model

⦁ With Row-level security (RLS), We get the ability to publish a single report to multiple users but expose the data differently to each person. So instead of creating multiple copies of the same report in order to limit the data, you can just create one report that will only show the data the logged in user is allowed to see.                                                 

⦁ This is done with filters, which restrict data access at the row level, and you define filters within roles. 

    i. For example, creating a role called “USA Users” that filters the data in a table where the Region =              “United States”. 

    ii. You then add members (user, security group, or distribution list) who can only see data for the United     States to the “USA Users”.

    iii. User will be able to see data for United States only.    

                                                                Fig. shows Row Level Security(RLS)

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