Sunday, December 3, 2017

SQL Server Reporting Services Vs Performance Point Server (SSRS vs PPS)

Following are the difference between SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Performance Point Server (PPS)

  • SSRS as well as PPS both has sufficient set of Indicators that required for any report including Scorecard & Dashboard.
  • Report Performance will be good if we go with SSRS if application DB & Report server DB will be in same SQL Server instance. For SharePoint, we need to configure Business data connectivity services in the SharePoint that won’t be faster that SSRS instance.
  • PPS will be preferable if we have to show dynamic reports e.g we can change a tabular report to Chart etc on report itself.  SSRS is good for canned reports.
  • Following are the few formatting issue with PPS 2007:
    • Cannot do custom labelling.
    • Cannot increase custom width
    • Cannot get grand totals
    • Cannot get subtotals
  • Adding KPIs in SSRS is easier as compare to PPS.
  • In PPS, colors/fonts in data cells cannot be changed. But in SSRS, each cell can be altered in terms of colors and number formats.
  • SSRS report will take 2-5 mins or more to generate the report if it has bulk data.
  • In SSRS, each sub-report (popup report) will be a separate report (rdl) that will reference the main report.
  • In SSRS, Drilldown will be slightly slow if we have bulk data on report compared to PPS
  • Maintenance of SSRS instance is easier than maintaining SharePoint Server.
  • By using Caching & Report Snapshot, we can achieve a good performance in SSRS.

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