Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SSRS - How to repeat the column header in each page of the report

1.     Background

The purpose of this article is to provide a way to display column headers on each and every page of the report. By using the page break feature of SSRS, we can show the report in no. of pages in place of having same report in single page. Page break is very useful with bulky report where large no. of records need to be shown. Page beak helps us to set pagination but it does not ensure that column headers for the report should come on each page of the report. A report without column headers in all the pages may create lot of confusion to the users.

2.     How to display column headers on each page of the report?   

We can achieve it by using the “KeepwithGroup” & “RepeatOnNewPage” properties of the grouping pane.

 Below is a simple report having 10 records:

After implementing the page break for 5 records per page, Report will look like the below one:

Page No-1

 Page No-2

3.     Steps to display column header on each page of the report

                    I.            Go to the Grouping paneè there we can see a down arrow, click on the arrow to go to Advance mode

                  II.            Once you click on the “Advance Mode”, we can see the static members for rows & columns within grouping pane.

                III.            Select static member of Row Groups and go to the property window. We need to change the below properties:

·         KeepwithGroupè After

·         RepeatOnNewPageèTrue

KeepwithGroupèAfter for Group Header

KeepwithGroupèBefore for Group Footer

                IV.            Now preview the report



4.     Conclusion

By using advance mode properties of Grouping pane e.g . “KeepwithGroup” and “RepeatOnNewPage”, we can display column headers on each page of the report.

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