Friday, November 2, 2012

SSRS- How to create Shared Schedule and how to utilize it

1.   Background

The aim of this article is to describe how to create shared schedule and its utilization in Reporting services.

2.  What is Shared Schedule?

 A shared schedule is a multipurpose schedule that provides ready-to-use schedule information to any number of reports. Shared schedules can be centrally managed, paused, and resumed. It can be utilized for the following:

  • Report Subscription
  • Report Snapshot
  • Cache Refresh Plan/ Expiration Plan for Dataset and Report

3.   Prerequisite

  •  Reporting Services should be configured
  • SQL Agent service should run.
  • Credential should store securely in the report server for the data source mapped to Report/Report Data set. Below is the screenshot from Data source property page:

4.  Steps to create shared schedule in SSRS:

                I.        For shared schedule, go to site setting then Schedule and Click on New schedule

              II.        Provide the details about schedule and click ok to create shared schedule: Here we are going to create schedule that will run first day of each month.
             III.        Here we can see shared schedule has been created.
            IV.        For Report Snapshot: To utilize it for Report Snapshot, go to the report property, Processing Option and select “Render this Report from Report Snapshot”. Here you can use shared schedule for creating the report snapshot at specific point of time.

              V.        For Report cache expiration: we can schedule cache expiration of any report. go to the report property, Processing Option and the select “Always run this report with most recent data ” and select the schedule for cache expiration.

            VI.        For Cache Refresh Plan: Select the “Cache Refresh Plan” and click on “New Cache Refresh Plan”
Now give the description of the Cache refresh plan and select the shared schedule:
Apply the same steps for Dataset Cache Refresh plan.

           VII.        Dataset Cache expiration:
          VIII.        Report subscription: In the Report property, select subscription and click on new subscription:
It will the subscription page. Fill the required details and select the shared schedule for the subscription

5.   Conclusion

By using the above steps, we can create shared schedule and can be utilize for Report subscription, Report Snapshot, Cache Refresh Plan and Cache expiration
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